Go organic

Vegetables at MarketIf you’re wondering why should I eat organic, there are a multitude of advantageous reasons to choose organic over non-organic produce.  When you look at it closely, chemically-free, naturally grown foods are consequently healthier for you as they do not contain pesticides and are more nutritious.

Visiting a local farmer’s market is one of the best ways to support your local community and buy fresh organic foods. Better yet grow your own fruit and vegetables! You cant get any fresher than picking produce from the garden and using it in your next meal.Toddler boy watering plants in backyard

If you have chosen to eat organic but cannot afford to buy everything organic then there are some better choices you can make when deciding upon which fruits and vegetables have the least amount of pesticides and chemicals.  The Environmental Working Group has come up with a list of the 12 worst offenders when it comes to fruits and vegetables containing the most amounts of chemicals.  If you are choosing to buy organic then the following would be the best choices as they contain the highest amounts of chemicals:

The Dirty Dozen

Bell Peppers




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